Bespoke Suits: Your ABC Guide

               You know that feeling you get when you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “hey, I look good enough. That feeling that is just enough to make you walk out the door and not look back into your wardrobe. That feeling, the “good enough” feeling, is not enough at The Gwyn. Special occasion or not, all men that think and act like gentlemen, should look like gentlemen, and we make sure of it. Whether you have a special event coming up, or you are just sick and tired of your suit being too daggy, tight or long come to The Gwyn, and let us work with you to design an affordable, bespoke suit that will provide lasting confidence. In this article, we’ll teach the ABC’s that turn a suit from ‘good enough’ to the greatest suit-vestment you’ve ever made.

               Whilst its normal to accessories after you’ve completely fitted, it doesn’t hurt to choose your accessories first. If you definitely know the kind of watch, tie, and style and colour of shoes you want to wear, at The Gwyn we can let this compliment your suit, rather than leaving your options limited towards the end. By purchasing a few different accessories, and understanding the variability in the way in which they can be worn, you can transform that way you look every time you and your suit unite. The three accessories that are unquestionably trending at the moment are:
•     Pocket Square – The presidential or puff fold are both quick and easy and break up the boldness.
•     Vests – Completely step up the notch and turn your look into a more formal and stylish one.
•     Tie Clip/Bar – The useful and stylish clips should sit between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt and tie to the placket of your shirt.

               We can’t think of anything worse than finding yourself still with a tailor after you’ve bought an off-the-rack. Why delay the process when you can just meet me straight away! The beauty of the way we work at The Gwyn is it is all about you. What do you want? What colour and style do you like? How do you want it to fit? Longer or shorter? These are the questions you’ll hear me ask time and time again to gauge and ensure that the final fitting is a wow and not foul one! And, if you are not sure what you want or where to start, that is completely cool as well! Having extensive experience in the industry, we are more than happy to start the brainstorming off. Always remember though, bespoke suits start from a couple of ideas and fabric. So, the more voice you own in the process the better!

               Not only do we pride ourselves on making the experience a comfortable and confident booming one, the vibe generally lasts long after the suit is complete. Wearing something tailored to your body type, and coupling it with the classiest accessories, will undoubtedly transform your mental state, posture and body language. This is why we love what we do. A bespoke suit goes beyond a materialistic purchase, it’s what it does to you on the inside that matters to us most! In that final fitting, if you have no reached a satisfied level of contentment (although it’s rare!) we want to know! Open communication is always best, and we won’t stop till’ we drop! And there it is! Now you know your ABC’s let us now inform you on your DEFGHIJKLM’s…just kidding. But seriously, book a consultation, I promise I won’t bore you with the suitphabet!