Step1 - Select your fabric

Choose from a wide array of colors, textures and patterns (We have over 3000 fabrics). We highly recommend wool super 110 it is guaranteed to make a respectable-looking and durable suit.

Step2- Determine the style

2 buttons or 3 buttons? Peak or Notch lapel? There are no rules in fashion. Discuss options with us we will tell you what complements your body type to makes you look the best.

Step3 - Personalize it

The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look unique. Whether its specific types of buttons, monogram or lining just ask and you shall receive.  

Step4- Measure for fitting

We will take all the required measurements to make your suit fit like a glove doesn’t matter what body type you are. (Mr. Long Arms won't have any more problems with short sleeves. Mr. Chubby Chin, can put on the top button and still can breathe) And if you don’t mind we will always get a mug shot of you for body shape and posture analysis.  

Step5- Master of tailoring

The suit is then hand-made by our professional tailoring team in our Bangkok studio, carefully inspected, then shipped to our Melbourne Studio within 4 weeks.  

Step6 -Final fitting

It’s all about detail. We will check every angle to make sure your suit is perfect. Don't hesitate to ask for a little adjustment. We make sure that everything fits to your liking.  

Step 7 -Final touch

We assist you to complete the true gentlemen look with handsome men’s accessories. Jazzing it up a little can change the whole look and no one will notice you wear the same suit every day.  


We truly believe that fit is the most important part of a good suit. So, if your suit or any other item of clothing is not what you expect, contact The Gwyn. We will do everything in our power to make it right. No extra cost for any adjustment or alteration. To have a one-of a kind and perfect fit today, simply book your “Appointment online” or give us  a call on 0430 870 437.